Do you need a design quick? Describe briefly what is required and we will get in touch for the details or with a design?

You may use one of the following examples

  • I need to alter my propping for the shoring on my site

  • I need a bespoke hoarding to my client's requirements

  • I am bringing in a new plant onto my working platform and need an assessment

  • I need independent CAT3 design check

  • I am looking to extend my basement/house or industrial building

  • I need temporary works to minimise impact on neighbouring building

  • My team has to work near an existing masonry listed structure, I need an assessment how we can carry out our works safely

  • I am working on an refurbishment project I need a practical old-to-new structural joint designed

  • I am opening a pop-up coffee shop need to convert a shipping container

  • I require a design for a steel framed warehouse with a span of 45m

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Checking Category to BS 5975

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