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Kristine Licuanan

Kristine is a certified NetSuite consultant with over 14 years of experience on NetSuite projects ensuring it meets quality output, milestones and budget requirements.

Having started her career in finance and professional services, Kristine developed a passion in helping clients achieve their goals in an efficient manner. Kristine has an in-depth understanding of accounting and business processes as a result of her involvement in over 35 NetSuite client engagements. Her involvement spans across being a NetSuite implementation lead, solution architect, trainer and consultant. Kristine holds the following NetSuite certifications:

  • NetSuite Certified SuiteFoundation

  • NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant

  • Multi-Book Authorised

  •  ARM/Revenue Management Authorised

Oracle NetSuite Certification.png

With a team of highly qualified NetSuite consultants, Kristine can help you achieve your business goals in a straightforward and cost-effective manner. We offer the following services:

  • NetSuite Consulting

  • NetSuite Implementation

  • NetSuite Optimisation

  • NetSuite Ongoing Support

  • Ad-hoc NetSuite Solutions

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